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Included in this article are relevant documents covering many of our services as well as operational guidelines.

SCCFS Agency Brochure

Surrounded by Cedar Child and Family Services (SCCFS) is a dream come true for many Aboriginal people living in Victoria.

For many years, Aboriginal people have worked together to build a better future for those who will come after us.

On September 17, 2002 our agency was born. Our name was given to us by John Aitken, a Coast Salish man who grew up in foster care. John told us that because Cedar is sacred to all the Island First Nations, naming our agency “Surrounded by Cedar” is a good way to let children and families that come here know they are welcome in this place, and are welcome in our home.


We recognize that all parents want to provide the best care for their children, but at times this is not possible without support. Family Care Homes provide safety and care to Aboriginal children and youth while they are away from their parents. Many Aboriginal community members already provide this type of care to Aboriginal children and youth. This has always been our way.

Becoming a foster parent is a way to extend our hearts and homes to other Aboriginal children in community. As a foster parent, you and the child in your home will receive supports. You are part of the caregiver community here in Victoria.

Aboriginal Operational Practice Standards and Indicators

The Aboriginal Operational and Practice Standards and Indicators (AOPSI) emphasize the importance placed upon family and community within Aboriginal cultures. Though the emphasis of some of these standards differ from those of the Ministry,the safety and protection of children are always paramount. The AOPSI standards either meet or exceed those established by the Ministry.

The operational standards address governance, service delivery models, financial administration, human resources, communication, and administration (e.g., information sharing, records management).

The practice standards are the foundation for providing child and family services and represent minimum expectations of performance. The standards ensure that Agency social workers and supervisors deliver quality services to children and families. Additionally, practice standards are important tools for the Common Audit of the Agency.

Duty to Report

Anyone who has reason to believe that a child has been, or is likely to be, abused or neglected has a legal duty under the Child, Family and Community Service Act to report the matter.

You do not need to have all the details or proof before you call. You will be asked for as much information about your concern as you are able to provide. If you do not have all the information noted below, you should still call with your concern.

Life-Long Connections

The role of the Family Safety Worker is to provide support to urban Aboriginal families who are at risk.

The Life Long Connections program is primarily responsible for searching for, identifying and locating a child’s family or other close community members who may be willing to provide a “forever” home for a child that is coming into care.

The Life Long Connections worker assists in identifying and locating a child’s family or other close community members to help facilitate ongoing connection and possible placement where appropriate.

In addition, the worker searches for placement with extended family and or community of origin when a child has been placed in foster care where it is in the best interest of the child.

The worker will also help to facilitate and coordinate out of region and out of province kinship placements if required.

Intensive Youth Support Worker

The Intensive Youth Support Worker engages with, .and supports, youth ages 12 to 19.

In collaboration with the youth and his/her guardian, the Intensive Youth Support Worker assists in achieving agreed upon, time sensitive goals that range from immediate to long term. We will engage the youth in helpful, supportive relationships by connecting them with cultural resources within the community, assistance with finding shelter, accessing basic needs or developing independent living skills through appropriate means.

We arrange for mentorship, guidance and short term intervention for both low and high risk youth, including critical incidents, where required.

Life-Long Connections

Life Books

Surrounded By Cedar Child and Family Services (SCCFS) is proud to offer two unique Life Books for children who are in foster care or who have been adopted. These Life Books are available to any individual or agency looking to support caregivers to record special memories for their children. We are taking scrap booking to a new level – this is an opportunity to offer our children and families a visual history of their own lives.

Life Books Ordering Information

Life Books are available at the Surrounded by Cedar office, or you can order one by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The price is $55 per Book.

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