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Support Services

Over recent decades, it has become evident that Aboriginal children and families have not been served in a culturally appropriate manner. Aboriginal values, traditions, language and culture have continued to decline. Most importantly, is the decline of the traditional role that family and community play in a child’s life and the effects that this may have for their future.



Intensive Youth Support Services

The Intensive Youth Support Worker engages with and supports youth ages 12 to 19. In collaboration with the youth and his/her guardian, the Intensive Youth Support Worker (IYSW) assists in achieving agreed upon, time-sensitive goals that range from immediate to long term. We will engage the youth in helpful, supportive relations by connecting them with cultural resources within the community, assistance with finding shelter, accessing basic needs or developing independent living skills through appropriate means. We arrange for mentorship, guidance and short term intervention for both low and high risk youth, including critical incidents where required. Independence and self-sufficiency is an expected outcome of our program and with the help of relatives, friends, peer groups and/or community resources, we will give our best to help the youth realize success.

Lifelong Connections

The Lifelong Connections worker assists in identifying and locating a child’s family or other close community member to help facilitate ongoing connection and possible placement where appropriate. In addition, the worker searches for placements with extended family when a child has been placed in foster care where it is in the best interest of the child. The worker will also help to facilitate and coordinate out of region and out of province kinship placements if required.


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