Guardianship Social Workers are responsible as legal guardians to urban Indigenous children who are in continuing care of the Director. The goal of the Guardianship social worker is to find permanency for a child in care as well as to ensure that a child who remains in the care of the agency is afforded the best possible care and opportunity to learn and grow into a healthy young adult. Guardianship social workers provide this guidance through:

  • One to one support with the child or youth

  • Utilizing cultural specific ways to interact or educate the young person

  • Providing legally required guidance and support to children, youth and/or natural parents

  • Working collaboratively with the urban Indigenous community to provide services to children and youth

  • Working closely with other service providers and caregivers to ensure stability and continuity for children and youth.

  • When able, to reconnect a child or youth to their cultural home community and/or family