Through delegation agreements, the Provincial Director of Child Welfare (the Director) gives authority to Indigenous agencies, and their employees, to undertake administration of all or parts of the Child, Family and Community Service Act (CFCSA). The amount of responsibility undertaken by each agency is the result of negotiations between the ministry and the Indigenous community served by the agency, and the level of delegation provided by the Director.

In the Province of British Columbia, there are currently 24 Delegated Indigenous Child & Family Services Agencies (ICFSA) operating at varying levels of delegation. Surrounded by Cedar is one of four urban DAAs and through its delegation agreement, administers C4 services under the Child, Family and Community Services Act (CFCSA). All delegated work is guided by the Aboriginal Operational and Practice Standards and Indicators (AOPSI). At present, Surrounded by Cedar does not deliver child protection (C6) services.


C3 Delegation: Voluntary Services and Resources

  • Recruit, approve and provide direct support to foster homes.

  • Offer non-protection voluntary services such as Voluntary Care Agreements, Special Needs Agreements, and Support Service Agreements for families who require support.

C4 Delegation: Guardianship and Permanency Planning

  • Act as legal guardian to urban Indigenous children and youth in continuing care as a result of a Continuing Custody Order (CCO) granted under the CFCSA.

  • Ensure that each child and youth in care has an identified permanency plan.

  • Promote healthy identity formation through appropriate cultural planning. Transition planning for youth moving on to independence.